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Sano Steam offers quick and dependable 24-hour emergency water cleanup and restoration designed to protect your property and minimize water damage.

If you’re currently facing water issues, the initial step is to promptly halt the source of water flow or leakage.

Locate the primary shut-off valve, typically near the water meter or beneath a panel on the driveway of most homes or buildings. Subsequently, reach out to Sano Steam without delay for immediate standing water extraction, application of germicide solution, and the initiation of the drying process.

Amazing Reviews

David Spetrino
David Spetrino
November 9, 2023
Easy to connect with, quick, accurate estimate. Consistent communication coupled with a prompt arrival by a friendly team. Work was completed on schedule with no mess, headaches or issues. Will definitely work with them again.
Katie Fett
Katie Fett
November 8, 2023
Always kind, responsive and helpful! We have used several times and will continue!
Frank Helin
Frank Helin
November 7, 2023
These folks were great! Showed on time did a completely thorough job and cleaned up behind themselves! Highly recommend!
Sue Parker
Sue Parker
November 1, 2023
Sanosteam did a great job cleaning our carpet. They arrived promptly and completed the job in the estimated timeframe. The carpet looks great! Will use them again!
Cameron Stache
Cameron Stache
October 31, 2023
Excellent service overall.
Debra Walsh
Debra Walsh
October 30, 2023
Linda was very professional and did a great job cleaning my sleeper sofa.
Tammy Reilly
Tammy Reilly
October 30, 2023
I want to say that your team came on time and was very friendly and helpful with all our questions. We look forward to doing more business with you . Tammy & Robert Martenis

Immediate Water Damage Restoration

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Waiting is the most significant error to avoid in any water damage incident. The longer your property remains wet, the more extensive the damage becomes.

For those residing near Wilmington, NC, if your home or business experiences flooding, prompt action is vital. We can swiftly mitigate ongoing water damage by initiating the drying process immediately. Remember, postponing action only exacerbates problems.

Rapid water extraction and thorough drying are essential to prevent the growth of hazardous mold and the deterioration of wood. These issues not only pose challenges for repair but also endanger your family’s health and safety.

Water damage advances rapidly and continuously. Salvage efforts conducted within the initial 48 hours of the incident can spare your home from costly repairs.

Restoring Water Damage

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Water Damage Professionals

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Postponing the drying process could lead to secondary damages not covered by insurance, such as:

  • Bacteria and mold growth
  • Harm to wood framing, drywall, and flooring
  • Moisture-related harm to belongings like books, papers, and valuable artwork

The Vital Measures for Safeguarding Your Home Against Water Damage:

  • Engage dependable water mitigation and flood damage restoration service providers experienced in insurance claims.
  • Swift drying to prevent further deterioration.
  • Effective mold mitigation and removal.
  • Facilitate rapid recovery to minimize additional displacement expenses.
Water Damage Professionals

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Water Damage Restoration Process

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to stop the source of the water flow or leak as quickly as possible. You’ll find the main shut-off valve next to the water meter or under a panel on the driveway in nearly every home or building. Next, call Sano Steam Cleaning & Restoration Services at (910)-350-0000.

Sano Steam offers quick and dependable 24-hour emergency water cleanup and restoration designed to protect your property and minimize water damage. Call us at (910)-350-0000, we are available 24/7!

Salvaging attempts done within the first 48 hours of initial water damage could save your home from expensive repairs. The longer your property remains wet, the worse the damage will be!

If your home or business is flooded, you need to start acting quickly. We can assist in stopping ongoing water damage by immediately starting to dry your property. Remember, delaying only creates more problems.

Water damage can be a serious situation. Water flowing through your home or business can carry with it any contaminates that it has come into contact with. Electrical hazards are common when water damage has occurred, so do not enter the area until it’s deemed safe.

Flood waters or contaminated water can also be a danger to anyone who comes into contact with it. It can be difficult to pinpoint what the water contains, and could have chemicals, dirt or bacteria within it.

Additionally, depending on the severity of the water event, structural damage to the property could occur. Water damage may also make the area ripe for mold and mildew, which presents a danger to any occupants, as well.

The cost of a water loss will vary greatly depending on the severity of the situation.

Many homeowner insurance policies do provide some level of coverage in a water damage situation, but you will need to contact your agent for details about your policy. The source of the water damage is important when dealing with insurance.

Some flooding related to weather events and extreme weather conditions requires special insurance that is gained through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Sano Steam will provide you with a restoration invoice to submit to your insurance so you don’t lose the payment for the depreciation.

Most insurance companies pay homeowners’ claims with two checks. The company will give you the first check after the adjuster has reviewed the water damage. This check will be for the emergency water damage repairs and estimated cost of restoration, minus depreciation and your deductible. A deductible is the amount of the claim that you’re responsible for paying the restoration company yourself.

The company will give you a second check for the balance of your claim after it receives the restoration contractor’s invoices for the finished job. You must complete repairs or replace your property within a certain number of days from the date of loss to be eligible for depreciation recovery.

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