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About Sano Steam

Our Mission is to Thrill Every Customer with an On-Time Restoration Response and Incredible Cleaning Results at a Fair Price

Sano Steam was founded in Wilmington, NC in 1989, and, ever since, we have been cleaning and restoring a wide range of surfaces in not just homes, but businesses, too.

Whether it is carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and polishing, air duct cleaning, water damage remediation, or any of the other specialties we excel at, we provide our clients with fair prices, dependable service, and a great attitude. Our satisfaction comes from seeing happy and satisfied customers, and that’s what we’ve been doing for over 25 years.

Meet The Founders

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Chayse Roth is a former Marine Raider, having served over 12 years all over the world. Chayse completed his MBA in 2016. He has a passion for business and a desire to assist veterans with their transition to civilian life.

Joseph Alig is a former Active Duty Marine Aviator now serving in the Marine Reserves. Joe has served his country for over 15 years in many places around world. He is currently an MBA candidate at UNCW.

Having transitioned to civilian life themselves, they both understand the difficulties it presents. The founders believe that veterans have great potential to be excellent business owners and have strong desire to see veterans succeed after their service to our nation.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning
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Improve Your Environment

With The Sano Steam Professionals

We have a team of expert cleaners who are fully knowledgeable in the art of cleaning all sorts of messes. With fully loaded vehicles, we reach the place of our clients in no time to get the job done. We guarantee that you won’t have to delay or stop your work routine because of us. Our staff will fix the problem, do the cleaning, show you the work and will leave you a happy and satisfied customer. That’s what makes us special from the rest of the companies offering cleaning services.

Veteran Owned & Operated

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Sano Steam is a veteran owned company that can add value to your home or office building make it clean and as good as new. The cleaning processes that we employ are purely organic. We don’t use harmful chemicals and dangerous equipment. Our team knows which are the best and the safest products and solutions and we use them in just the right amount to provide you the comfort you had been looking for.

Veteran Owned
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