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The restoration customers we work with, come to us because they are very concerned about remediation result, frustrated by being over charged, and they are under pressure for on time service. If you’re dealing with any of these issues, call our Wilmington office for up front cleaning estimate. and experience our superb twice as clean for twice as long treatment!

No tips. When you post high stars rating, we reward technicians $10 for their commitment, performance and hard work!

Sano Steam is Verified by users like you. View customers testimonials and post one yourself after the service is done. For over 24 years Sano Steam is the area favorite. The cleaning company use Green Seal Certified Detergent free products that work. We focused on one thing, offering you our select quality of odor free, soap free residue free services, removing spells, spots improving air quality, extending and adding years of life to your carpets.

Carpet cleaning specials Are you tired of your carpets smelling the way they do all the time? Do you detest the fact that no matter what you do or put into your carpets, the dirtiness and overall smell doesn’t seem to go away? Let me prove to you that you are not alone when it comes to looking for reliable solutions toward carpet cleaning in the area of Wilmington, NC. We have been diligent 28401 Carpet Cleaners since the year 1989 and we offer you the best level of service and quality that are mainly focused in delivering you the best odor free, spotless spill-free carpet and extended life to your rugs in the most effective and affordable way  possible.

One of our most demanded carpet cleaning services is called Carpet Cleaning Express in which we offer you a $143 competitive price that includes an all-inclusive carpet extraction. We strive to do our best job using the best cleaning agent available in the market including the service of a triple surfactant pre-conditioner. This particular carpet cleaning service lasts about one hour, it is available on a same-day service and depending upon indoor humidity it has a drying time of anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, a great overall cleaning service that goes beyond the best of what we offer and we continuously do.

Another of our excellent carpet cleaning services is called the Whole House Express which is available for a fixed price of $195. This service includes a detergent free triple surfactant using pre conditioner and followed by a pure water extraction which can remove all possible stains from any carpet in particular. The service covers a fixed set of 6 areas for the given price and has an estimated duration of 90 minutes on average with a drying time of 6 to 12 hours. It is a great overall package for those homeowners who want their entire household to be cleaned.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Sometimes we come across several requests and customers who just want a particular area of their household to be carpet cleaned, usually this includes some areas that have been stained by a food or drink spill or accidents. There is no need to clean your entire home and spend more money if you only need a small area of your house cleaned, and thereby we offer services according to the type of small areas that you want cleaned at a proportional cost.


Water Damage Restoration Since 1989

At Sano Steam we also offer you a comprehensive list of our floor cleaning services as well as their respective prices as followed:

Water Damage Repair

If you need emergency water damage extraction, We’re here to help.

We bill your insurance company: Our team is standby 24/7.  Sano is a full Restoration Company and here to help you restore your home.  In case you have a water damage and need emergency mitigation, we are here to do all the hard work and assist you in your water damage claim. If need water damage repairs in Wilmington NC call the company your neighbor trussed for over 24 years. (910) 350-0000

Area Rugs: our fixed rate for area rugs is $0.50 per square foot in which we use a hot water extraction method to clean area rugs on a wall to wall carpet method.

Tiles & Grouts: our fixed rate for tiles and grouts is $0.95 per square foot and are cleaned using a powerful rotary jets steam extractor that facilitates several process during the installation.

Hardwood Floors: probably the most retouching aspects and most inherent floors based on their overall strength are hardwood floors, we offer cleaning for a competitive price of just $0.95 per square foot.

AC Duct Cleaning: Cleaning your Air Ducts is also a very challenging process which can take hours for unprofessional air duct cleaners to successfully undergo the cleaning process. It is imperative to clean your air duct every now and then to avoid all sorts of potential hazards associated with dirty air filtration systems and to maintain an optimal level of air quality at all times. Here at Sano Steam we offer you a competitive evaluation of your air ducts and use a powerful vacuum to thoroughly clean all ducts and filtration systems for a very competitive price.

Carpet Cleaning 28401

On time Carpet Cleaning service At Sano Steam in ilm we offer our customers the best and most complete service and optimized quality of our services in the most efficient and professional manner, encouraging all homeowners to evaluate their necessities and contact us for any kind of service that they may need, we will more than happy to offer you a competitive quote and do all required services for you in the most efficient way possible. Managed by Omar Kharbat Moisture Expert serving Eastern North Carolina Since 1989. If you need deep carpet cleaning or you want your hardwood floors refinished Call Sano Steam Today (910) 350-0000

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