Franchise Opportunities

Sano Steam Cleaning is leading residential and commercial cleaning expert. Offer new system of franchise freedom and constant business leads. Join the worldwide network of franchises. Minimum Investment Required: US $74,000.

Available areas: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Lebanon and Istanbul

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Opportunity Summary

We are looking to partner with Administrative Manager in cleaning for health business in your area.

Sano Steam will provide the strategy, equipment, hiring and training of employees, software, and marketing techniques as well as general help to guide you and make you feel comfortable as you settle in.

You will run the day-to-day management activities mainly from your office. Must have basic computer skills (some typing, use of common word processing programs, internet familiarity, printing, faxing, etc.). Telemarketing (inbound and/or outbound) experience is helpful because a confident, articulate, professional, easy-to-understand voice is required. Usual duties include talking calls, pricing jobs, clearing messages and emails, providing information, and scheduling work orders from a small office or home office.

For more background Email your information to: in Response to this opportunity. Include in your cover letter how any experience you have could apply to this venture.

Years Established: 1989

Target Market: North America, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Middle east

Predicted Sales: 300,000 /Year (each Truck)

Predicted Profit: 144,000 /Year (each Truck)

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